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What goes into a successful medical spa web design?

branding mockup for It's The Perfect Secret med spa

This one-of-a-kind medical spa needed a one-of-a-kind medical spa website design. Our client, The Perfect Secret, started working with us before their business opened.

What goes into a successful medical spa web design?

Successful medical spa web design starts with brand strategy

By properly setting up their brand’s foundation with brand strategy, we were able to succinctly put their brand’s ethos and brand personality on paper before any logo or business card was designed.

This means that, instead of starting with the pretty parts first, we started with a strategic process of determining who their audience was so that we could uniquely serve their needs.

medical spa web design mockup on tablet and mobile

The client of The Perfect Secret enjoys the finer things in life and values being pampered in the process. Because of this, we brought in visual elements, such as marble graphics, and paired them with upscale brand photography that matched the aesthetic of the med spa’s brick-and-mortar location.

This attention to detail sets proper expectations for the new client as to what their experience will be like. Paired with vibrant and colorful copywriting, the website’s words stand out and are memorable to the visitor.

Before the new client ever steps foot into The Perfect Secret, they have an intimate understanding of the brand’s sassy and coy personality.

medical spa website design mockup

Web design best practices

Mila Design Co.’s process ensures that the website design is functional and beautiful across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Website Accessibility

In addition, we tested the entire site for website accessibility, ensuring that this medical spa website is accessible to those with visual impairments or disabilities without the need for a website accessibility overlay.

This means that people who use screen readers to help them navigate the internet are able to fully consume the information displayed on the website without third-party code that can often be incompatible with screen readers.

Fast Website Speed

With Google’s website page speed metrics becoming ever more demanding, Mila Design Co. takes steps to ensure that client websites load at blazingly fast speeds for an improved user experience.

This website scores extremely well in Google’s PageSpeed Insights for page speed, accessibility, and best practices.

mockups for a successful medical spa web design of The Perfect Secret Med Spa

Clearly listing medical spa services

This med spa website design also included the use of an informative drop-down menu with an entire list of all of the medical spa’s services. When visitors hover over the Services tab on the menu, a beautiful menu appears with a clear and legible layout across the website.

This is an example of user experience in website design and development. This involves anticipating your website visitors’ needs and curating their journey in a way that they find the information they’re looking for without frustrating them. Frustrated website visitors will leave the website immediately.

By ensuring that every visitor is aware of their entire services, this medical spa website design facilitates a higher conversion rate. Better-informed website visitors turn into better-informed prospects that are more likely to spend more money at your medical spa.

Are you ready for a successful medical spa web design?

If you are ready to leave behind the DIY solution that stopped moving the needle in your business years ago, now is the time to book a call for a new medical spa web design.

Pilar Hogans, APRN

Hello Smooth Med Spa

headshot of Pilar Hogans

The most seamless, stress-free and pleasant experience!

Before we worked with Mila Design Co., who we are and what we stand for did not shine through on our website. Our website is now 100% a true representation of Hello Smooth Med Spa!

Lisette has made our website work smarter so we can redirect our time and efforts towards more important tasks. You will not find a more organized, passionate, smart, kind and helpful designer.

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