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The Perfect Secret

A luxury med spa with a speakeasy flair.

The Challenge

The Perfect Secret med spa came to us in its infancy, when it was just an idea. However, the owners knew how important it was to start their business off on the right foot by investing in brand strategy. Our goal was to create a luxury brand for their medical spa that reflected the luxury that their people craved, while also establishing the brand culture of inclusivity and trust.

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Phase 01: Brand Strategy

We began with brand strategy, where we took a deep dive into not only their ideal clientele but the heart of their brand. We do this by focusing on the needs of the audience.

At the core of the brand is placing special attention to the needs of mothers and the hardships they have with arranging self-care. By providing child care on-site while they receive services, The Perfect Secret helps mothers finally get the pampering they need without worrying about booking a babysitter.

The Perfect Secret clientele is also looking for a bespoke, luxurious med spa to not just improve their appearance, but to pamper themselves and their partner.

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mockup of business cards for It's the Perfect Secret medical spa
monogram brand design for It's The Perfect Secret medical spa

Phase 02: Brand Design

As a nod to its namesake, The Perfect Secret takes inspiration from the secrecy of 1920s speakeasies

The theme of this luxury medical spa is Hollywood Gatsby glamour. For this, we decided to incorporate elements from 1920s art deco in their branded fonts and graphics.

We decided to also incorporate the imagery of the peacock, a symbol of eternal youth, into their branding. We designed a custom icon comprised of the S for ‘secret’ and added custom-designed peacock feathers in an art deco style.

The owners brought this motif into their med spa with custom tile work, and golden door handles shaped like peacocks.

Phase 03: Web Design

Taking all the data from the website strategy session, we designed a 10-page WordPress website in Adobe XD, which allowed the client to easily give feedback on the style and layout. 

After the client’s web design approval and revisions, we began the website development. 

Along with the website development, we also set up their Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to gather web search data, and worked with an SEO specialist to give them a leg up in local SEO.

Cue the champagne!

mockups of The Perfect Secret med spa website design
medical spa website design on mobile and table mockups


medical spa website design mockup on tablets

luxury branded look

Thanks to the in-depth brand strategy completed before the visual design, the brand has appropriately married the idea of a speakeasy with that of luxury. The owners had an easy time making decisions as they brought their brand to life from messaging to materials during construction.

At every customer touchpoint, there is no doubt that they are experiencing The Perfect Secret.

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Between the on-brand messaging, and the brand photography of their new location, The Perfect Secret now has a professional website that allows them to effectively communicate the level of luxury their clients can expect at their medical spa.

What a relief to have you in our corner!

I had no idea what I was doing or the exact direction I wanted the brand to go, but Lisette really honed into what we wanted. I LOVE my new brand now! It’s everything I could have wanted and more!

People want to know know more about what’s behind the brand name, and our logo and other graphics she created lets our clients know that they can expect a high-end experience. We trust Lisette with our brand and continue to work with her as we expand our business.

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Irena Mielke, FNP-C

The Perfect Secret Med Spa

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