Hello Smooth

A welcoming, luxurious med spa serving Jacksonville, Florida.


The Challenge

Hello Smooth Med Spa came to us as an established, award-winning business with an existing brand identity. However, their outdated website was difficult to navigate, lacked consistent branding, failed to import new leads into their EHR, and attracted price-shoppers who questioned their expertise. Our goal was to create a professional website design for their medical spa that reflected the luxury of the location and the expertise of the medical team, while preserving their existing SEO.

project details

Phase 01: Website Strategy

We began with website strategy, where we took a deep dive into the problems that led the med spa owner to reach out to Mila Design Co. The website was roughly 8 years old, created when the business was in its infancy. 

Since that time, the website was updated with quick band-aid solutions that lowered the perceived value of their services and led to prospects questioning their expertise.

In addition, the med spa employees found themselves manually inputting new leads into their EHR which cost them hours per week. 

The new website needed to reflect the level of luxury and expertise they offer their clients, while making it easy to find information, and cut down on manual labor at the front desk.

med spa link in bio page mockup

Custom “link in bio” page to improve user experience and optimize SEO and Google Analytics data.

styled refreshment bar at Hello Smooth Med spa, taken by Muriel Silva

Photo credit: Muriel Silva

Phase 02: Brand Photography

In order to elevate their online presence, the owner also decided to invest in brand photography and hired Mila Design Co. to take charge of its creative direction. We booked the services of the Jacksonville luxury branding photographer, Muriel Silva, and meticulously planned photography of their services, interiors, product, and staff.

Phase 03: Web Design & Development

Taking all the data from the website strategy session, we designed a 10-page WordPress website in Adobe XD, which allowed the client to easily give feedback on the style and layout. 

After client’s web design approval, we begin the web development. This is where we test the EHR form’s functionality before going live.

Before launch, we worked with SEO specialists to ensure a smooth transition from the old website to the new website.

Cue the champagne! After installing the website on Mila’s servers, the site went live and the next chapter of Hello Smooth was born!


Excess manual labor

The contact form at the top of the page submitted new inquiries via email, which the front desk had to manually upload into Aesthetics Pro.

a focus on price

The monthly specials (sometimes up to 15 specials) took up most of the home page. This led to lots of price-shoppers who could not appreciate the experience and advanced techniques of the nurse injectors and aestheticians.

Information was hard to find

Prospects had a hard time finding information on their website, which led to lots of phone calls to the front desk.

lack of cohesive branding

The website lacked a cohesive branded look, which lowered the perceived value of the services.

outdated medical spa website design mockup


new medical spa website design by Mila Design Co.

time saving lead capture form

We custom-coded a new form that sends new lead information directly to the Aesthetics Pro EHR platform, saving the front desk hours per week.

focus on value

The monthly specials now have a dedicated page, and the home page clearly tells the brand story.

Easy to navigate website

New clients can easily find the information they’re looking for with an easier to navigate menu.

branded look

The aesthetics of the site now reflect their luxurious interiors, the luxury of the services administered by the staff, and has a branded look that was missing before.

The most seamless, stress-free, and pleasant experience!

Before we worked with Mila Design Co., who we are and what we stand for did not shine through on our website. Our website is now 100% a true representation of Hello Smooth Med Spa!

Lisette has made our website work smarter so we can redirect our time and efforts towards more important tasks. You will not find a more organized, passionate, smart, kind and helpful designer.

Thank you! You have a customer for life!

Pilar Hogans

PIlar Hogans, APRN

Hello Smooth Med Spa

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