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In case you haven’t come across Mila’s Brand Personality Quiz, here’s the story behind WHY I decided to implement a quiz on my website, and why I decided to use Interact for my online quiz.

As its name implies, the Brand Personality Quiz helps my website visitors (and branding prospects) narrow down the brand personality, or brand archetype, of their aesthetic business. It’s one of many facets of my brand strategy process, and having a better understanding of their brand’s archetype helps us give their brand some character.

In other words, it tells them what the brand voice will sound like (in writing) across all their customer touchpoints, including their website and social media channels.

Here’s what the Interact quiz looks like:

mockup of Brand Personality Quiz by Mila Design Co. on several devices

Why a Quiz?

One of the easiest ways to capture leads on your site is with a quiz. 


Because people just LOVE to talk about themselves, and a simple quiz that asks them all about their favorite things accomplishes JUST that.

There are many reasons to have a quiz on your site. However, my business goals were as follows:

  1. to lower my Bounce Rate
  2. grow my e-mail list of potential clients

A quiz reduces your site’s Bounce Rate

According to HubSpot, a website’s Bounce Rate is the percentage of people who land on any given page on your site, then leave. They don’t pass GO. They don’t collect $200. They don’t click on anything else or visit another page on the site… hence the term “bounce.”

For example, if 100 people visit your site and 10 of them only visit one page, then your bounce rate would be 10%. The other 90 people are clicking around your site, getting to know your business better. This indicates to search engines that people are finding useful information on your website.

As a med spa owner, you want prospects to learn more about your practice by visiting several service pages before clicking the “book appointment” link.

Likewise, I want my website visitors to visit several pages on my site, which helps reduce my website’s bounce rate. There are lots of factors that affect a bounce rate, including poor med spa web design, because it creates a poor user experience. But as a website designer, neither one of those scenarios applies to me.

So, why would I want to reduce my Bounce Rate?

It’s simple. I want to visitors to learn more about me and my offerings, keep them on my site longer, and help improve my website conversions (from website visitor to client).

Instagram feed on iPhone

A quiz helps you grow your email list

You’ve heard it countless times: the only online marketing platforms you truly own are 1) your website and 2) your email list. Social media platforms come and go, and even have day-long blackouts (cough, Instagram, cough) that cause panic for those whose sole marketing strategies rely on one particular platform.

In case I ever lose my Instagram account, or if they forget to follow me, at least I have my email list to communicate with a prospect. By submitting their email address in return for their quiz results, I can nurture them and stay top of mind for whenever they’re ready to book my services.

A quiz increases your med spa’s website traffic

Online quizzes, by nature, help answer a specific question.

Imagine you are a lash bar wanting to share with your website visitors the different styles of lashes you offer, while preparing them for their very first lash extension experience.

Or, you’re a med spa offering several types of facial treatments, and you want an easy way to showcase the different possible facials that could treat a specific skin care concern. An Interact quiz helps do just that!

Quizzes can have a single result, or display 2 or more results. The choice is yours!

A quiz is fun and low-stakes for the website visitor

In reality, these are the most common reasons why any business would use a quiz on their site. It’s also a fun way to break the so-called ice online as a prospect gets to know your brand and business.

A personality quiz is one of many customer touchpoints I’ve built into my brand that helps make Mila Design Co. memorable and unique. This extra step in my marketing communicates that I want to get to know my potential clients better, while also helping them learn something in the process.

It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

The Quiz Structure

Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, let’s break down the Brand Personality Quiz structure.

Through a series of 10 multiple-choice questions, I present thought provoking scenarios that helps us narrow down the quiz taker’s brand’s personality. Interact also offers branch (conditional) logic in question structures, so you can create truly custom quizzes for your audience. This could help an esthetician, for example, in asking preliminary questions as they start to formulate a virtual client’s skincare regimen.

However, all the questions short, easy, and multiple choice so they don’t require lots of mental bandwidth to answer. (This is key).

Some questions also have GIFs, which keeps things interesting, lighthearted, and fun.

closeup of the Brand Personality Quiz by Mila Design Co
Quiz question where they choose a scenario between Botox, Hollywood Laser Facial, Sculptra, or Hydrafacial.

Is this starting to sound like a Buzzfeed quiz? Good. You understand the assignment 🙂

By the end, quiz takers are categorized into one of four (4) brand archetypes, and they are shown their results on private, hidden pages on the website.

But, before they’re shown their results, they’re asked for their first name and email address to be added to my email list.

That’s all there is to it! Sounds easy, right?

Note: there’s actually12 brand archetypes, but in order to keep things simple (with less multiple choice answers to choose from, and less setup work on my end) I narrowed them down to the four most common brand archetypes among nurse injectors.

Interact Quiz Data Shown to Me

Inside my Interact quiz dashboard, I’m able to see all sorts of valuable data, such as overall conversion rates, top quiz results, how many times a question was viewed, and even the breakdown of how each question is answered.

Interact Quiz question data and results
Example data Interact quizzes show you on the backend including answer breakdown and engagement rates.

I also have a key segmentation question where I ask about the stage of business my quiz takers are in. About 41% of quiz takers say they’re just starting out their business, which lets me know they will probably need a different kind of nurturing than the seasoned business owners (21% of quiz takers).

Interact quizzes also offer branching logic, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities in learning more about your prospective clients. Or, you can use branching logic to create a very niche quiz with custom quiz results, such as a personalized skin assessment to help you recommend a skin care regimen to a virtual client.

Quiz Results Shown to Participants

mockup of Interact Quiz results shown to quiz taker

After the quiz taker enters their first name and email address into the lead capture form, they are taken to the hidden page on my site with their prepared results. They’re able to learn more about their brand’s suggested archetype, and I’m able to suggest other resources to help them on their journey to a new brand or website.

How the Quiz is Performing

In my Interact dashboard, I’m shown the Conversion Rate of the quiz, which is 68%. The overall quiz completion average is 65%, with 40% conversion being the norm (providing an email for results) so my quiz is doing fairly well.

Interact Quiz results after 30 days
Interact Quiz analytics after 30 days

Of the 25 quiz takers in the last month, 12 entered their contact details in lead capture form, so that’s a 68% conversion rate. With 40% being the average, I’ll say that’s not bad at all!

It’s important to note that I’m using a paid Zapier integration that automatically imports the contact info into my email marketing software, Flodesk. This eliminates the manual work of downloading my leads so I can focus instead on nurturing them via email.

Final Thoughts

Sitting here writing this, I’m blown away by how well the quiz works. I’ve booked three large brand and web design projects through the quiz in the 3 short months it’s been live.

As a busy business owner, your time is precious and finite, so it’s better to create a simple lead generating quiz to grow your email list than not having one at all. Don’t let perfectionism stop you from creating your quiz. As the saying goes, “any action is better than no action.”

As an aesthetic business with lots of service offerings, an Interact quiz is the PERFECT lead generation tool to help you book more appointments. You can choose from several pre-made beauty quizzes or skincare quizzes to help you get started or gather ideas for a similar quiz.

Create your medical aesthetics quiz today!

typing on MacBook

Short on time?

Interact just launched AI Interact that utilizes ChatGPT4 to makes quizzes in minutes. Interact also created a guide which includes the exact prompts to create any type of quiz with GPT4.

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