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Chances are, if you’ve searched for med spa marketing online, you’ll eventually also find search results for brand strategy.

But what is brand strategy, and why is it important?

Brand strategy is great not only because it gives more value to your business but also makes the brand design process more meaningful and transformative. It helps your people forge an emotional bond with your brand. It also helps key stakeholders, like copywriters, write what should go on your med spa website.

Brand strategy is what makes a brand memorable. Hint: it’s not just the logo. It helps drive all PR and marketing decisions in your med spa, including the brand personality you display on TikTok or Instagram.

The Foundation

We start with a quick questionnaire. It’s simple and there are only a few questions, but it helps  prepare us for the next step.

We also ask you to fill out a Pinterest board so that I can visually see what your design preferences are. 

Note: this is not what we use to base our design decisions on. We like to see your preferences so that we can see what your possible expectations are. The final design decisions will come AFTER the brand strategy process.

Then we take that information and I compile it into a keynote template which helps us prepare for our Brand Strategy Workshop. (The questionnaire you filled out acts as a foundation that we expand upon during our 1:1 workshop).

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Brand Strategy Workshop

The Brand Strategy Workshop is a two-hour intensive workshop where we cover things such as:

  1. your ideal audience
  2. their hope + dreams + problems
  3. WHY or HOW your solution to their problems is THE BEST solution
  4. your business goals you’d like to meet
  5. sales funnel
  6. possible sales objections
  7. other problems we need to solve

Brand Strategy Compilation

After our session, we conduct research and create the 30+ Brand Strategy Document that covers things such as:

  1. mission statement
  2. brand personality
  3. core values
  4. brand voice
  5. content strategy
  6. competition analysis
  7. creative direction
  8. problems and solutions

This allows us to identify exactly what your brand will sound like and feel like for your dream audience.

Brand Identity Design

The fun part — design! (See some of our work in our portfolio).

Taking everything we’ve learned and collaborated on during the Brand Strategy phase, we create one brand concept that consists of:

  1. primary logo
  2. secondary logos
  3. brand marks + icons
  4. taglines
  5. patterns (optional)

If, at the beginning of our project, we decided to also include brand collateral such as business cards, gift cards, packaging and more, those items would be designed as well after your brand concept’s approval.

med spa brand identity guide

Brand Style Guide

Then we prepare the Brand Style Guide which contains all the information you need to share with business partners, service providers and stakeholders such as:

  • social media managers
  • commercial printers
  • signage companies
  • marketing consultants
  • copywriters

to ensure that your brand is cohesive across all customer touchpoints. 

You also receive all of your Brand Identity files in a Google Drive folder, neatly organized into sub-folders as outlined in the Brand Style Guide.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore for your brand, contact us today and let’s chat!

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Irena Mielke, FNP-C

The Perfect Secret Med Spa

headshot of Irena Mielke

What a relief to have you in our corner!

I had no idea what I was doing or the exact direction I wanted the brand to go, but Lisette really honed into what we wanted. I LOVE my new brand now! It’s everything I could have wanted and more!

People want to know know more about what’s behind the brand name, and our logo and other graphics she created lets our clients know that they can expect a high-end experience. We trust Lisette with our brand and continue to work with her as we expand our business.

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