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Medical Spa Branding for Skincare Sommelier Beauty Lab & Medspa in Queens, NY

med spa logo design on window mockup

Skincare Sommelier is a chic new medical spa is coming to Forest Hills in Queens, NY. When the owner came to me for branding, we only had a few short weeks to come up with a plan, as construction and interior design were already underway.

The Inspiration

med spa interior design by Michele Pelafas
Med spa interior design by Michele Pelafas

Michelle Pelafas’ interior design incorporated cool creams and cool hued woods paired with rich aubergines. The colors were a perfect nod to the future med spa’s name that has a sommelier theme.

The Brand

skin · kehr // suh · muhl · yay

The premise of the name is that, just like a wine sommelier is a master at defining the characteristics that make a wine unique, a skin sommelier is a master of diagnosing the unique needs of each client’s skin.

med spa logo on leather mockup
Skincare Sommelier services menu

From there, Skincare Sommelier is able to pair each client’s skin needs with the perfect skincare and aesthetic regimen to meet there specific goals.

The Queens, NY Med Spa Brand Design

We built a brand identity design around the themes of the brand’s name as well as the planned interior design. We incorporated a royal purple color along with lighter aubergine hues for variety, as well as cool neutrals and a warm contrast in gold.

med spa branding on shopping bag mockup
Branded med spa gift bag

The complementary colors not only work in color theory, but gold adds an elevated luxurious touch to the royal purple.

After all, we often see royal regalia having deep purples paired with warm, gold scepters.

In the future, there may be a printed leather-bound “wine list” outlining their med spa services, with interior pages resembling a wine list in layout and structure.

branding for Queens, NY medical spa

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Irena Mielke, FNP-C

The Perfect Secret Med Spa

headshot of Irena Mielke

What a relief to have you in our corner!

I had no idea what I was doing or the exact direction I wanted the brand to go, but Lisette really honed into what we wanted. I LOVE my new brand now! It’s everything I could have wanted and more!

People want to know know more about what’s behind the brand name, and our logo and other graphics she created lets our clients know that they can expect a high-end experience. We trust Lisette with our brand and continue to work with her as we expand our business.

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