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The 5 must have med spa website pages for your new site.

A website that makes a positive first impression is just as important as the treatment and service you provide. Sure, patients are looking for ways to improve their appearance, but they won’t put their trust in doctors or nurses they don’t like or feel comfortable with.

One of the most crucial factors for new customers is how your med spa will make them feel in a highly personalized and warm environment. Your medical spa website design should clue visitors into the overall look and feel of the amenities you have to offer so they can look forward to their visit.

Here are the 5 must have medical spa website pages you need in order to help convert a visitor to a client.

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It goes without saying that the one of the first interactions a prospective client will have with your medical spa website is the home page. The home page, however, has a BIG JOB to do and it’s why we’re starting with this one.

Your home page needs to accomplish informing your visitors of these four things:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. How to contact you
  4. How to move to the next step (call to action)

Who You Are

Maybe your med spa is more of a “dermspa” or dermatology spa with a heavier emphasis on dermatology than aesthetics, with a heavy roster of dermatologists. This needs to be made clear before your visitor ever scrolls down the page. Consider investing in brand strategy to help you clearly define your brand.

physician associate logo and website design mockup
A recent physician associate website design project.

What You Offer

Are you a traditional med spa in the sense of providing aesthetic services such as laser hair removal and Botox? Or do you primarily offer IV infusions?

The main types of services should be neatly categorized on the home page so that your audience can quickly and efficiently decide what services to explore.

Having basic yet informative categories allows the consumer to easily decide if what they’re looking for is offered by your medical spa. For example:

  1. Laser Services
  2. Dermal Fillers
  3. Skincare & Facials

Having just three main categories like these give website visitors a sense of what to expect and know they’re at the right place.

What Action They Should Take Next

What is the culture of your brand? Are your clients accustomed to making their own appointments online? Or does your med spa deliver a white glove experience and encourages phone calls?

Do you offer an incentive to new clients that requires a form submission? Make it clear by telling them directly what their next step is with a call-to-action button.

When you confuse them, you lose them.

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What sets your medical spa apart from the others in town?

Has your med spa received local awards, such as “best medical spa?” Have you or your team had special training by names such as Julie Horne?

These are all important achievements that should be mentioned at the very least on your About page. They indicate the excellent attention to care by you and your team to help improve the lives of your clients.

Aside from accolades, give your prospects a sneak peek into your clinic. Do you have an Instagram-worthy photo wall? A luxurious zen waiting area or treatment room? Share this with them!

By creating a sense of “FOMO” (or, fear of missing out) you encourage individuals who need a little extra push to inquire and book an appointment.


This might be the second most-visited page after the Home page, especially if you accurately let them know which services they should expect to find at your med spa with those 3 previously-mentioned service categories.

Here is where you can give a tiny bit of information about each service to pique their curiosity. Information such as:

  • the benefits of each service
  • how many sessions are required
  • brand name products (ex: Restylane)
  • brand name machines (ex: the Lutronic Hollywood Spectra™)

will invite the visitor to click on the individual service page to read more. Or, they might go directly to book a service.

Images are worth a thousand words. Having a custom brand photography session (or several, if your offerings are plentiful) to illustrate what these services are will go a long way in creating trust with a potential new client.

For example, Kybella services. If you are able to show a model with the multi-color injection points mapped out on the area to be treated, this helps illustrate how this fat will be dissolved.

Photography helps set expectations and reduce fear of the unknown, helping you create trust and credibility.


Your contact page should have information on how to contact your med spa. Phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, and even a map are all expected by your visitor.

Make it easy for them to contact you by displaying this information prominently on your medical spa’s Contact page.

Since this is a page that most visitors will see, consider adding brand photography that shows your staff or team interacting with a client.

People want to know what to expect when they visit you, and if you can promise them an enjoyable experience, they are more likely to book your services.

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Instagram Landing Page

Successful businesses make it easy for their social media visitors to quickly find what they need. Remember: too many options creates “analysis paralysis” so eliminate confusion and direct them exactly where you want to go with a custom Instagram landing page (you can view ours here).

What are your top goals for your social media visitors? Chances are, you want them to:

  1. book an appointment
  2. view your monthly med spa specials
  3. explore your website

…in that order.

Maybe you’re hosting a local special event that you want to announce without changing the layout of your home page? A custom social media landing page with special links helps steer your visitors where you want them to go.

Avoid third-party apps, like Linktree or Milkshake, and instead ask your web designer for a custom social media landing page design.

While a professionally designed website is the first step for any new med spa opening its doors, there is a lot more to online presence than the website and social media accounts. Make sure that you are fully armed to run an effective online marketing campaign and connect with your target audience.

Mila Design Co.® helps medical spas transform their brands and websites so the aesthetics finally match the luxury they provide. If you are looking for a beautiful and professional med spa website that attracts your ideal clients, please contact us for a free consultation.

Pilar Hogans, APRN

Hello Smooth Med Spa

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The most seamless, stress-free and pleasant experience!

Before we worked with Mila Design Co., who we are and what we stand for did not shine through on our website. Our website is now 100% a true representation of Hello Smooth Med Spa!

Lisette has made our website work smarter so we can redirect our time and efforts towards more important tasks. You will not find a more organized, passionate, smart, kind and helpful designer.

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