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Why a custom design Instagram landing page is superior to Linktree

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites available today and is becoming increasingly popular with businesses looking for ways to expand their reach beyond Facebook and Twitter.

It’s no wonder that many businesses use third-party website services, such as Linktree or Milkshake, to optimize their Instagram profiles. These Instagram landing page templates allow you to easily share important links with your following. However, as a medical spa you shouldn’t use them.

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An experienced web designer should include a custom Instagram landing page as part of your medical spa website design package. By setting up asocial media links page, you will not only be providing a better user experience for Instagram users but also selling more services in a shorter period of time.

Plus, you can use this landing page URL as the link in bio on other social media accounts, such as TikTok.

Here are the three main reasons why you should incorporate a customized Instagram landing page into your med spa marketing efforts.

1. Continuation of your Brand Aesthetic

One of the most important tasks you have as a business is to maintain the integrity of your branding. Your clients and prospects expect every touch point of your business to remain on-brand. This is difficult to do when you use a third-party app like Linktree or Milkshake.

You are bound to the aesthetic limitations of the app. Which means that your Instagram landing page, one of the key touch points with your audience, risks looking similar to countless other brands.

If you have invested in quality branding for your med spa, the brand elements that distinguish your brand, such as typography and patterns, cannot be used on Linktree. Having a custom designed Instagram landing page avoids this branding issue.

2. Improves your SEO

In our SEO Audits, we take inventory of where your traffic comes from. We do this by diving deep into your Google Analytics data. Oftentimes, using a third-party service like LinkTree skews your analytics data.

Instead of your referral traffic coming from a social media network, this referral traffic commonly falls under “other,” which isn’t very helpful to your SEO specialist when compiling and analyzing data.

With a custom designed “link in bio” page on your website, the Google Analytics scripts will correctly log the referral traffic under the social media network.

At a quick glance, you and your SEO marketing team will be able to see which marketing efforts are providing your business with the best ROI.

3. Grow your Email List

One of the biggest limitations on third-party “link in bio” apps is the ability to embed custom HTML code.

If your business currently has an email marketing plan in place, you will not be able to embed your email capture form on a Linktree account. Instead, it will be a button that opens in a new page (that may or may not be on brand).

Having a custom designed Instagram Landing page allows you to have a beautiful, on-brand sign-up form that also has an image to stop the scroll and improve the conversion rate.

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What to Include on Your Instagram Landing Page

You should have a custom Instagram landing page designed for you by your designer. It should have the look and feel of your brand, as well as other elements including:

Logo and Brand Photography

You will want your company’s brand identity (a logo) to ensure your visitor has arrived at the right place. In addition, an image of your med spa interior or welcome team helps begin the like-know-trust factor in marketing. You want to make sure that these images are mobile optimized so it looks good when someone clicks on it from their phone or tablet.

Call To Action

You need to entice people to follow you on Instagram by making it obvious what you are asking them to do. This is where a custom Instagram landing page shines. Your web designer can code on-brand buttons or other imagery to guide the visitor to take the action you want them to take.

More importantly, your call to action (CTA) could be to simply book an appointment at your medical spa, or to sign up to your newsletter for a discount on their first visit.

Contact Information

While you don’t want too much clutter on the social media landing page, you do need people to find a way to contact you if they have questions about your services. If a client wants more information, they should be able to easily get in touch with you! Listing your address, phone number and email address on this landing page will provide your client an easy way to contact you.

Wondering what pages you should include on your website? This guide walks you through the 5 pages you need on your medical spa website.

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