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As a business owner, you have a lot of expenses so it naturally makes sense to cut the fat wherever possible. You might also be thinking about attempting to DIY your branding. Here are a few things to watch out for if you’re not quite ready for a professionally designed brand identity for your med spa.

They Make It All About Them

This is one of the most common branding mistakes I see business owners make. Your brand is NOT about you. Your brand is about your people.

Branding is all about speaking to and attracting your AUDIENCE. For example, maybe one of your favorite colors is lime green. It’s tropical and bright, and it reminds you of one of your favorite Caribbean vacations.

However, Susan is someone you want to have as a customer. She comes across your website and sees lime green all over the site. Her eyes perceive the color as too bright and immature, not to mention that it hurts her eyes. However, she goes back to Google and finds a competitor that uses brand colors that are more appropriate to the medical spa services she’s looking for.

Guess who Susan books her first ever med spa appointment with?

In this situation, you are losing business to a competitor solely on the color palette you loved. Had you incorporated brand strategy best practices, Susan would have been a forever customer.

In our brand strategy and design process we dive deep into which colors work best for your goals.

med spa brand identity guide

Use Too Many Colors

Continuing from the previous point, there’s a psychology to color usage. You need to make sure you’re sending the right (subconscious) message to your ideal audience.

The best way to make sure you’re not confusing your audience is with working with a brand designer.

This one is hard. We’re only human and we get easily distracted and hit with FOMO. A good brand strategist can make a unique brand that stands the test of time.

Use Typography That is Hard to Read

Typography is SO important! This also plays in with trends.

How can your people know that you have what they need if your message is not legible?

Working with an experienced branding expert is an investment that pays off more than we often realize.

They Don’t Research their Competition

Don’t confuse your audience! They might fall in love with you, but then end up going with the competitor…because your DIY branding looks identical to theirs! This happens far too often when biz owners DIY their logos with kits from graphic design websites, such as Canva.

Have you tried to DIY your brand and feel the need to up level your business?

Book a Discovery Call to see how we can create a brand persona that reflects the soul of your brand, and pair it with a new brand identity that feels right.

Britney Thompson, FNP-S

VitaLuxx IV Lounge & Med Spa

headshot of Britney Thompson

My new branding is as luxurious as the medical spa I’m building!

After our first call I was confident my vision would come to life. Seeing my brand for the first time moved me to tears!

The attention to detail in articulating my brand demonstrated Lisette’s passion and expertise in brand strategy and design. She is hands down the BEST and an absolute pleasure to work with!

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