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Vitaluxx IV Lounge & Med Spa

A welcoming, luxurious med spa serving Lake Nona, Florida.


The Challenge

VitaLuxx IV Lounge and Med Spa came to us with an amazing business concept and existing brand identity. However, the design did not create the impact they needed, nor did it attract the desired prospects. Our goal was to create clear and professional brand messaging and design upscale brand visuals ahead of construction of their brick and mortar location.

IV lounge and med spa website mockup on iPhone

The story behind the brand

VitaLuxx is the newest and most luxurious IV Lounge and Med Spa in the prestigious Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida.

There’s a special meaning behind the name VitaLuxx. Vita means “life” in Latin, and is also a nod to the infusion of vitamins their clients receive via IV drips, and the vitality they will feel after the replenishment of essential amino acids and minerals. Luxx reflects the luxury their clients will come to expect in their lounge.

VitaLuxx wants to see a world where its citizens are healthy of mind, body and spirit and feel welcome and accepted by all. Their vision includes that of a tranquil oasis where feeling beautiful and strong is synonymous with health and vitality. They believe everyone deserves to feel pampered in luxury, and our health depends on the actions we take today.

med spa store front signage design
mockup of med spa brochure of services

project details

We began with brand strategy, where we took a deep dive into their target audience and discussed the problems they had and how VitaLuxx provided unique solutions to help position the brand as their go-to IV Lounge and Med Spa.

After establishing the brand vision, brand purpose, brand values and its mission statement, we then started competition analysis of the IV Lounges in the area.

mockup of custom IV bag label design
med spa and IV lounge brand mark
med spa business card design mockup

Brand strategy helped us set the brand foundation, while differentiating VitaLuxx from those of its competitors. Spelling out the brand’s personality also helps prospects form an emotional bond, which contributes to brand recognition across all marketing platforms.

Now, the brand’s messaging will be unique for the different audiences, which include working moms, athletes, therapeutic care for those with on-going illnesses, and those recovering from surgeries.

After brand strategy, the visuals were easily created. The golden drop of nutrients received a gemstone quality as a nod to the promise of luxury.

In addition to a suite of logos, colors and typography, we also worked on the design of IV bag labels, a printed service brochure, social media templates, and a 3’x6′ banner to display at concierge events.


old med spa logo without brand strategy

The old branding consisted of a logo designed without brand strategy, thus the brand messaging was not reflected in the style or quality of design.

This led to clients questioning the trustworthiness of services provided.


new logo design for VitaLuxx IV Lounge & Med spa

With our help, the new brand visuals reflect the brand values of the company and speak directly to the type of luxury their clients can expect.

The brand’s perceived value is elevated, aligning with the desired clientele.

mockup up medical spa website design by Mila Design Co.

Suggested home page layout and branded website messaging. This messaging was derived from our brand strategy process, which the client received in their 30-page brand strategy guide, along with suggested sales funnels for each targeted client demographic.

Kind Words

My new branding is as luxurious as the brand I’m creating!

After our first call I was confident my vision would come to life. Seeing my brand for the first time moved me to tears!
The attention to detail in articulating my brand demonstrated Lisette’s passion and expertise in brand strategy and design. She is hands down the BEST and an absolute pleasure to work with!
Britney Thompson, FNP-S
VitaLuxx IV Lounge and Med Spa

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