The details behind the design of a physician associate logo suite and website design.

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Physician Associate Logo Design

After several years with a professionally design brand and website, physician associate Courtney Moseley, was ready for a change. Her business had grown, as well as her professional achievements, and her old brand no longer represented the growth in her career.

Brand Strategy & Design

The proper way to design a physician associate logo suite is to start with brand strategy.

During this phase of the project, we established who Courtney’s ideal audience was comprised of:

  • clients seeking dermal fillers and Sculptra® injections in Charlotte
  • clients seeking virtual skin consultations for ZO Skin Health® regimens nationwide
  • and injector students wanting to train with her to learn aesthetic injection techniques and business best practices
physician associate logo on image of her injecting a client with dermal fillers
physician associate filling syringe with logo superimposed on the picture

This allowed us to set the foundation for her brand by establishing the brand’s personality so that her injectables and skincare clients found her approachable. While at the same time ensuring that her medical aesthetic training students perceived her as a person of authority on the subject.

This is a delicate balance, and starting with brand strategy ensured we had a plan for not only her brand’s persona, but also how the brand should look in order to reach the right people.

physician associate logo mockup on stationery
Physician Associate brand icon mockup on stationery
physician associate logo on a picture of lotion on a woman's leg
physician associate logo on a picture of skincare swatches

The end result was a physician assistant logo suite with four variants, including a brand mark and custom illustration for a brand icon. This allows her flexibility with her marketing materials, such as the appropriate dimensions for social media profile avatars.

business card design for physician associate
Physician Associate logo on business cards
physician associate logo design on picture of serum dripping from a dropper
physician associate logo design on picture of serum dripping from a dropper

Website Design & Development

With the help of a sales conversion copywriter, we nailed her brand’s personality in writing ahead of designing her website pages.

Having the copywriting done before website design allows the messaging to take center stage and connect with the website visitor.

mockup of physician associate logo and website design on laptop, tablet, mobile phone and stationery

Paired with the physician associate’s branding, Courtney’s new website turned out beautiful. It directs visitors exactly where they need to go, while creating connection and building trust with future clients.

Of importance, her injectables audience AND her student audience now have dedicated pages on the new website with clear outlines of what they can expect when they work with Courtney.

The navigation menu is easy to use both on desktop and mobile version of the medical aesthetics website design.

physician associate website design mockup

What do you think of this Physician Associate logo design?

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