How to securely grant a web designer or developer access to your site without compromising your login details.

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When you work with website designers and developers, you are entering a relationship built on trust. Your designer should be reputable, with lots of positive reviews and testimonials.

When you grant that individual access to your site, they can potentially be privy to lots of sensitive information. As a site owner, you should have complete control of the Users who have accounts in your site. Likewise, you should always guard your login credentials.

I’m guessing you re-use your passwords? No judgment, here. But, for that reason, I prefer that my clients not send me their login information via e-mail. I prefer for them to add me (and anyone else who will be performing services) as an administrator on their site.

This way, your login credentials stay safe, and if you ever need emergency help, I can easily login without asking you for your most up to date password.

Today I will walk us through the steps on how to grant your designer (or developer) admin access to your site without revealing your personal login on the platform.

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How to Create a User Account in WordPress

1. Create New User Account

In your site, go to Users > Add New

Users menu on WordPress dashboard

2. Choose a Secure Password

Fill out all the required fields with your designer or developer’s information.

Add a New WordPress User screen fields

Make sure you check the “Send Password?” box to ensure your designer receives this information. Remember, you will be deleting this account after your designer is done with the changes you’ve hired her to do.

I recommend leaving the default password generated by WordPress for your site’s security.

A word on passwords: please never use passwords as predictable as admin or password1234 or any variation of this combination as there are bad characters out there counting on this as a possible way to hack your site!

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