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What you need to focus on beyond your medical spa logo.

Many med spas whether in the very beginning of business planning (or 5 years later when they realize their “logo” just isn’t cutting it anymore) make the same mistake when it comes to branding: they only focus on the aesthetics of their brand.

Primarily, their logo.

While a logo can communicate a lot about your medical spa, it is NOT your brand. Your medical spa logo is only one component that, together with the other parts, helps create your med spa brand.

mockup of med spa business cards

Think about one of America’s favorite brands: Target. What is it about it Target you love?

You might have been drawn to the vast variety of high-quality products available. Maybe you admire the lengths they go to organize the store into aesthetically pleasing sections? Or maybe you just simply love the freedom you feel when you’re perusing the aisles?

All of the qualities that draw you in to their brand, such as the products, their mission, their culture (you dress nicer to go to Target than Walmart, right?), etc., are all pieces of the puzzle that make up a brand.

So, is their circular red and white logo the reason you love Target? Or, is it the promise of going home with a new treasure, all while feeling like you just engaged in some self care while shopping?

Odds are, their logo is NOT the reason you love that brand, just as your personality is not summed up in one outfit.

mockup of med spa service brochure

Your favorite brands have identified the following:
✦ Audience – they know who they serve and that audience’s needs that only THEY can provide
✦ Archetype – they have a brand persona based on the desires and values of their audience, which helps create an emotional connection with them
✦ Personality – a mix of 2 or more archetypes that differentiates their brand from their competitors
✦ Voice – a distinct quality of tone that instantly sets them apart in their writing and expression: website copy, social media captions, etc. (ex: casual, sophisticated, rebellious, etc).
✦ Purpose – Why do they exist? What do they want to accomplish in the world?
✦ Vision – What future do they want to create?
✦ Mission – How do they create that future?
✦ Values – Who are they? How do they work? What ideals drive them? What will they stand (or not stand) for?

As you can see, all of the above “ingredients” go into the recipe that is a brand.

med spa brand strategy guide with med spa logo

How we achieve all of those “ingredients” that go into a brand is through brand strategy. Our clients have described brand strategy as a sort of “therapy” for their brand, where they get to dive deep and learn about the brand that’s waiting to be discovered.

medical spa logo for The Perfect Secret

Example of a medical spa logo design after the brand strategy was in place.

Book a call today and let’s discuss how we can elevate your brand so that the aesthetics finally match the luxury you provide.

Irena Mielke, FNP-C

The Perfect Secret Med Spa

headshot of Irena Mielke

What a relief to have you in our corner!

I had no idea what I was doing or the exact direction I wanted the brand to go, but Lisette really honed into what we wanted. I LOVE my new brand now! It’s everything I could have wanted and more!

People want to know know more about what’s behind the brand name, and our logo and other graphics she created lets our clients know that they can expect a high-end experience. We trust Lisette with our brand and continue to work with her as we expand our business.

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