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Skin Muse Aesthetics

A skin-correcting medical spa serving Charlotte, North Carolina.


Design VIP Day:

  • Brand refresh
  • 1-page Website

The Challenge

The owners of Skin Muse Aesthetics came to Mila as an established business. However, their existing brand identity was incomplete and did not have logo design variations appropriate for different situations, such as social media profiles. Our goal was to create a professional website design for their medical spa that reflected their expertise in results-driven clinical skin correction.

project details

Phase 01: Website Strategy

We began with website strategy, where we took a deep dive into the problems that led the med spa owners to reach out to Mila Design Co. They did not have a website in place, which was preventing them from establishing business relationships with skincare brands. 

Their only method of conducting business was through individual Instagram accounts. After discussing what information and messaging needed to be on the website, we guided our clients in purchasing a domain and website hosting.

med spa website mockup across devices

We created a marketing message that clearly communicated how they serve their people.

med spa logo variations

A logo variation suitable for their Instagram profile.

Phase 02: Brand Design Expansion

With only a primary logo sketched by a friend, we quickly expanded their branding by creating an array of logo variations in colors and structures.

In addition, we ensured that the multi-color version of their logo would be legible, as the original colors were hard to see and read.

Lastly, we provided them with a suitable logo variation for social media profiles.

branding icon for medical spa

Phase 03: Web Design & Development

Taking all the data from the website strategy session, we designed a 1-page WordPress website in Adobe XD, which allowed the client to easily give feedback on the style and layout. 

After client’s web design approval and revisions, we began the web development. 

Along with the website development, we also set up their Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to gather web search data.

Cue the champagne!

medical spa web design mockup


medical spa web design MacBook mockup

branded look

With the logo variations and the brand icon, now the brand identity is complete.

professional website design

Between the marketing messaging and a curated stock photography selection, Skin Muse Aesthetics now has a professional website that will allow them to work with skincare brands.

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