A fictional skincare brand infusing sustainability with luxury.

French Paradis girl

The story behind the brand

The brand name, Paradis, is French for paradise, a literary reference to their ultimate goal: revolutionizing the skincare industry into one where all products are made with sustainable and ethically-sourced ingredients. The brand places improving the health of people and planet over profit. They are an exemplary B Corporation.

The Paradis customer is sophisticated, forward-thinking, values luxury, and relishes in challenging the status quo. They are dreamers and change makers who believe in leaving the world a better place than they inherited. They are keenly aware of the purchasing power of the consumer and they choose to vote with their dollar. They support social issues that promote equality, and care about environmental issues and reducing their carbon footprint.

As a consumer, I make a conscious effort to support beauty brands committed to making products with only clean, ethically-sourced ingredients. For this reason, I decided to create this personal project based on a clean beauty brand that infuses sustainable ingredients into luxurious products with eco-friendly packaging.

Paradis soaps in hand
packaging mockup for skincare line Paradis

behind the brand strategy

Since the brand’s target audience values honesty and transparency, it was important to reflect this with clean, minimalistic design. 

The brand’s packaging needed to have a luxurious look in order to price accordingly, and so that it looked like it belonged on clean beauty retailer sites.

Lastly, it should be beautiful to encourage beauty influencers to proudly display the brand alongside other luxury, high-end brands on Instagram flat-lay photography.

packaging mockup for skincare line
product sticker label mockup
packaging mockup for skincare line Paradis
full page screenshot of a Shopify website design for skincare

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